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Wellington Farm, USA 2017

The Toboggan House at Pioneer Hills before it was moved to Wellington
In order to move it, we had to take it apart

Loom House to Open in 2015

          During the late Summer and Fall of last season we moved the Toboggan House from the old Pioneer Hills Ski Resort to thee Farm and got a good start on the restoration.  It was placed on Crafter's Alley just across from the Broom Makers Shop.  In the Spring of 2015 it will become the Loom House with up to three working looms and a spinning wheel.   Plans are to have the Loom House available to visitors by June.  We hope to be able to have the looms in operation very shortly after than.  Also in the plans are weaving classes for those who might be interested in learning how to use a loom.  


1887 Advance Threshing Machine
Once it was on the property, we had to put it back together

Wellington Antique Tractor Club

     Thursday evening, September 10, 2010 was a significant time at Wellington Farm, USA.  On that evening, 29 tractor enthusiasts and their spouses got together and formed the Wellington Antique Tractor and Engine Club.  The group elected a slate of officers to steer the new organization and appointed a Constitution and By-Laws Committee to deal with the legalities of the association.  They established their regular meeting times at 7:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month with no meetings being held in December, January or February.   The  organization has taken over the Wellington Tractor and Engine Show as well as any other activities involving tractors and engines that are held at Wellington Farm, USA.  The group always welcomes new members and extends an invitation to anyone who likes old tractors to join themThe president, Carl Hunt, can be reached at mafd102@hotmail.com  or additional information can be obtained by signing into the guest book on the home page of this website.  The next meeting of the club will be on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at the Stittsville Church.

1923 New South Stone Burr Mill
This mill is now grinding cornmeal and flour in the WellingtonnGrist Mill.

Museum and Goat Mountain, FREE!!

Currently there is no charge for you and your family to enjoy the Wellington Farm Museum and Goat Mountain.  Both are located adjacent to the parking lot near the entrance to the park.  The Museum Building itself is historically significance in that it was the first building constructed at the Higgins Lake Nursery by the Civilian Conservation Corps. 

The major display in the Museum is a  presentation of the plow and it's importance to the development of modern agriculture.  Several different plow displays will be featured including one of the largest horse drawn walking plows ever manufactured.  A beautiful mural of a team of draft horses was provided for us by local artist Terry Dickenson.  Be sure to experience this unique museum when you visit us, and best of all, IT'S FREE!!!!
Mural painted by artist Terry Dickenson which adorns one of the walls in our new museum.

We Make Old Fashioned Home Made Ice Cream!!

Old Fashioned, home made ice cream is available at Wellington Farm.  Frozen in an old fashioned wooden tub ice cream freezer powered by a 1920's John Deere hit-and-miss engine, this addition to the Farm's activities is sure to please the taste buds of all visitors.  Top off your visit to the living-history farm with a dish of ice cream like that enjoyed by families on a Sunday summer afternoon back in 1932.   It is Soooooo Good!!!


Wellington Farm
"Where It's Always 1932"
6944 S. Military Road ** Grayling, MI 49738

Wellington Farm Park is an excellent place for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Company Picnics, Business Meetings or any other group outing.  Please consider allowing us to host your next event!  Call 989 348 5187 today, or email welfar32@gmail.com